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Keith M Gordon

Keith practised as a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser before qualifying as a barrister.


He advises in all tax-related matters, extending to social security contributions and benefits, where he acts for claimants and defendants alike.


Keith acts as an advocate in all types of Court (from tribunals to the higher Courts) as well as advising clients either "in conference" (in person or by telephone) or by providing a written opinion.


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What people say about Keith


"We quite accept that Mr Gordon is an expert in this area" - the Upper Tribunal

"He cuts to the heart of the matter and gives you confidence that you'll get the right result."

"He is very robust and full of ideas."

"‘Brilliant, hard-working and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the best result. A great barrister to have on your side who will always work super-hard for you."

"Last Wednesday, HMRC closed their enquiry into my tax return in respect of residency. There is no doubt the involvement of Keith Gordon was fundamental in this. Things changed dramatically when he took a hand."

"The client was satisfied with the advice received and by the pragmatic approach taken."

"An impressive oral submission"

"The best representation he [the lay client] had had to date"

"Excellent pieces of work. I really do not think that anyone else could have presented a better case."

"Tax super hero"

"The advice you gave was extremely useful and appreciated by me and the client."

"Outstanding support"

"I am extremely pleased with the result that [Keith] led the team to achieve"

"HMRC must sometimes get fed up with Keith ... but I think he's great."

"I find Keith a very personable person and someone who can put difficult tax concepts into simple terms which is great for clients including accountants and tax advisers! I look forward to working with him again."

"Thank you again for the energy and conviction with which you have acted, to such decisive effect."

"My sincere thanks to Keith for his excellent help and support on this matter, I am probably as disappointed as Keith that he couldn't win the case in court rather than the HMRC simply backing out for obvious reasons!"

"...He has held my hand so brilliantly over the years I will have to get used to that no longer being the case"


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